Dr. Sebastian Koenig

Dr. Sebastian Koenig
Engineering, Research

Dr. Belinda Lange

Prof. Dr. Belinda Lange


Manja Lenkin
Marketing, Operations

Sebastian Koenig, Dipl.-Psych., Ph.D. received his Ph.D. in Human Interface Technology from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, developing a software framework for individualized virtual reality cognitive rehabilitation. He obtained his degree as Diploma-Psychologist from the University of Regensburg, Germany, in the areas of Clinical Neuropsychology and Virtual Reality Rehabilitation. Dr. Koenig leads Katana Simulations’ efforts to design and develop clinical simulations for the assessment and training of human cognitive performance. Dr. Koenig’s professional experience spans over ten years of clinical work in cognitive rehabilitation and over seven years of virtual reality research, simulation development and user testing. Dr. Koenig has developed numerous software applications for cognitive assessment and training. For his work on the Virtual Memory Task he was awarded the prestigious Laval Virtual Award 2011, category “Medicine and Health”.

Belinda Lange, B.Sc., B.Physio. (Hons), Ph.D. received her Ph.D. and degree in Physiotherapy (Honors) from the University of South Australia and her Science Degree from Flinders University. Dr. Lange has been a registered Physiotherapist in Australia since 2006. Her extensive experience in designing, developing and assessing virtual reality applications and serious games and conducting basic and applied research with interactive technologies are tremendous assets to Katana Simulations. Dr. Lange's Ph.D. research explored the use of a virtual reality tool to reduce pain and distress associated with children receiving minor medical procedures in the emergency department. Dr. Lange currently holds a position as Associate Professor and Research Coordinator at Flinders University's School of Health Sciences as well as advising Katana Simulations on its research and user testing strategies. Previously, Dr. Lange was a Research Scientist at the Institute for Creative Technologies and Research Assistant Professor in the School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California. Her research focused on the use of Virtual Reality and video games for clinical, educational and fitness applications. Dr. Lange is on the Board of Directors of the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation and is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds.

Manja Lenkin, MBA has a Master of Business Administration from Dresden University, Germany, with a focus on Management, Marketing and Business Psychology. She brings a wealth of experience in management, marketing and administration of medical research programs to Katana Simulations.  Prior to her work at Katana Simulations Ms Lenkin served as the Director of Operations for the US Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center West Coast Field Office in Los Angeles, where she managed, planned and provided oversight for a large number of congressionally funded research projects with a combined budget of more than 100 Million US Dollars in the areas of medical simulation and training technologies, regenerative medicine, trauma medicine, psychological health, human performance optimization, bio-surveillance and disaster response.