Katana Simulations develops realistic simulations for cognitive training and assessment

Virtual Simulation Software Suite


For teachers, researchers and clinicians alike - simulate complex classroom interactions, distractions and educational content.


A comprehensive vocational simulation and structured training of cognitive abilities - assess and train attention, memory and executive functions.


Simulate activities of daily living - assess problem solving, sequencing, planning and working memory in this interactive virtual kitchen environment.

Katana Simulations is working closely with clinicians, clinical researchers, and patients to develop and evaluate cognitive training and assessment tools.

Katana Simulations specializes in the design, development and validation of realistic virtual simulations for performance assessment and training. Based on over ten years of research and development and extensive clinical experience, Katana Simulations has created a Virtual Simulations Software Suite for a wide range of everyday tasks and challenges which provides key metrics for rehabilitation, education, and training.

Virtual Simulation:Classroom


The Virtual Simulation: Classroom is an advanced research and diagnostic tool capable of simulating complex classroom interactions. With full control over student and teacher behavior, distractions and course content, researchers and clinicians alike can customize the Virtual Simulation to their specific needs.

For clinicians the Virtual Simulation: Classroom serves as a diagnostic tool for children with attention disorders. 

Researchers currently leverage the flexibility and realism of the Virtual Simulation: Classroom in research trials which investigate the benefits of virtual scenarios on assessing and treating attentional disorders. An additional module containing educational content for teacher trainees is currently being developed in collaboration with Paderborn University, Germany. Please contact us if you are interested in applying the Virtual Simulation: Classroom to your research projects.


Simulated parent conversation to discuss the student's progress.

Simulated parent conversation to discuss the student's progress.

Simulated class environment with interactive students and distractions.

Simulated class environment with interactive students and distractions.

Virtual Simulation:Office


The Virtual Simulation:Office is a comprehensive training and assessment tool for people with cognitive deficits. The simulation provides a series of meaningful, motivating assessment and training scenarios that accurately replicate real-life challenges in vocational settings.

Clinicians can utilize the Virtual Simulation:Office for training and assessment of cognitive deficits in brain-injured patients. The simulation's training component is currently undergoing extensive testing for eventual medical device registration. Please contact us for early access and interest in collaborative evaluation trials.

Researchers can use the simulation as an objective outcome measure or intervention in clinical populations. The simulation can be modified to suit a wide range of research needs, from complex virtual reality setups to long-term monitoring of cognitive performance in field settings through mobile devices.

The Virtual Simulation:Office is currently being tested in clinical studies at the Kessler Foundation in West Orange, NJ, USA, with patients diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and multiple sclerosis. 

Sorting documents to train set shifting.

Sorting documents to train set shifting.

Training divided attention at a virtual office desk.

Training divided attention at a virtual office desk.

Virtual Simulation:Kitchen


The Virtual Simulation:Kitchen provides a realistic scenario to assess and train everyday skills in clinical populations. Distractions and complex sequences of cooking, cleaning, sorting and similar skills involving attention, executive functions and memory can be simulated.

Clinicians and researchers alike are utilizing the Virtual Simulation:Kitchen for the assessment of attentional and executive function deficits. Assessment scenarios, such as making a cup of tea or preparing a breakfast, have various degrees of difficulty and include real-life distractions to increase relevance. The simulation is available on a variety of platforms including Android, Windows or web browsers. If you are interested in using the Virtual Simulation: Kitchen in your research studies, contact us.

The Virtual Simulation:Kitchen is currently undergoing clinical testing with stroke patients at the University of Queensland, Australia.

A wide range of realistic environments are available for use.

A wide range of realistic environments are available for use.

Preparing a virtual meal to train activities of daily life.

Preparing a virtual meal to train activities of daily life.


Katana Simulations is working at the forefront of performance assessment and training in virtual environments. With its suite of Virtual Simulation scenarios, Katana Simulations provides realistic environments which deliver key metrics about memory, attention, problem solving and motor performance of users. Founded in 2014, Katana Simulations' technology is based on the collective experience of a transdisciplinary team and over a decade of basic and applied research in engineering, cognitive psychology, virtual rehabilitation, iterative user testing and agile software development. Katana Simulations' innovative suite of virtual assessment and training scenarios received an award and recognition at the startup competition 2013/2 "Gründerwettbewerb" of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Katana Simulations' work has also been featured by Digitale Agenda of the German Federal Press Office.




Dr. Sebastian Koenig
Engineering, Research


Manja Lenkin
Marketing, Operations

Sebastian Koenig, Dipl.-Psych., Ph.D. received his Ph.D. in Human Interface Technology from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, developing a software framework for individualized virtual reality cognitive rehabilitation. He obtained his degree as Diploma-Psychologist from the University of Regensburg, Germany, in the areas of Clinical Neuropsychology and Virtual Reality Rehabilitation. Dr. Koenig’s professional experience spans over ten years of clinical work and research in cognitive rehabilitation and ten years of virtual reality research, simulation development and user testing. Dr. Koenig has developed numerous software applications for cognitive assessment and training. For his work on the Virtual Memory Task he was awarded the prestigious Laval Virtual Award 2011, category “Medicine and Health”. In 2016, Dr. Koenig received the Early Career Investigator Award, 2nd place, of the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation.

In 2014, Dr. Koenig founded Katana Simulations to further develop and market his virtual rehabilitation research. He leads Katana Simulations’ efforts to design and develop clinical simulations for the assessment and rehabilitation of human cognition and motor function. Katana Simulations has since partnered with prestigious rehabilitation providers, universities and companies in the USA, Germany and Australia, and has been highly successful in attracting grant funding for its projects.

Manja Lenkin, MBA has a Master of Business Administration from Dresden University, Germany, with a focus on Management, Marketing and Business Psychology. She brings a wealth of experience in management, marketing and administration of medical research programs to Katana Simulations.  Prior to her work at Katana Simulations Ms Lenkin served as the Director of Operations for the US Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center West Coast Field Office in Los Angeles, where she managed, planned and provided oversight for a large number of congressionally funded research projects with a combined budget of more than 100 Million US Dollars in the areas of medical simulation and training technologies, regenerative medicine, trauma medicine, psychological health, human performance optimization, bio-surveillance and disaster response.

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